Spinal Cord Injury


Spinal Cord Injury

Buffalo Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

When a traumatic accident severs or injures the spinal cord, the victim’s life is changed dramatically. The trauma can result in a totally disabling and permanent injury such as paraplegia or quadriplegia which restricts the victim’s mobility and often leaves them to life in a wheelchair.

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At the Small Law Firm our staff and Buffalo spinal cord injury lawyer can guide you through the aftermath of a serious accident that has left you disabled. We will use our experience and resources to help you recover the compensation you’ll need to live a comfortable, financially secure life. We cannot change the past. But we can provide personal, compassionate service devoted to the pursuit of your future best interests.

Our lead attorney, Craig Z. Small, has been practicing law since 1994, handling negligence and spinal cord injury cases in Western NY. Working one-on-one with every client, he provides attentive service and fosters an attorney-client relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Lifelong Effects of Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury can cause paralysis — paraplegia or quadriplegia. Accident victims suffering from paraplegia may have limited or no movement or sensation in the lower extremities and be confined to a wheelchair.

However, most paraplegics will still have use of their arms, hands and torso — which over time will facilitate their ability to live independently. Accident victims suffering from quadriplegia may have limited or no movement or sensation in both the upper and lower extremities and will be restricted to a wheelchair. Special accommodations will be necessary to enhance independence; however, quadriplegics will likely need some kind of personal assistance on a daily basis.

A paralysis victim faces financial, emotional and mental challenges in adjusting to his or her new life. At the Small Law Firm, we extend our deepest sympathies toward clients who face a new life with a disability and work to help them adapt during this difficult time.

We work with life care plan experts to calculate fair compensation for the client’s injury and disability. This includes economic losses related to pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills, as well as compensation for loss of enjoyment of life. The settlement should also include compensation for necessary equipment, automobile conversions and modifications to the residence.

Serious Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Trauma

Serious accidents that cause damage to the vertebra can lead to devastating spinal cord damage. In general, paralysis can result from pinched vertebra, bruised spinal cord, severed spinal cord or other similar injuries.

Falls from extreme heights, car or truck accidents, and a number of other serious accidents can lead to a serious spinal cord injury. We handle all types of accident cases that result in spinal cord damage, including:

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